The Maze Runner by James Dascher


This is a YA dystopian  science fiction novel by James Dascher. A teenager wakes up in a steel cage (like an elevator) in with no memory of who he is or his past. His name is Tom. That’s what he knows. There is a group of teenage boys in a compound. Outside the compound exists the Glade. The Glade is like a maze. No one has ever escaped the maze. In the morning the door opens, at night the gate closes. Whoever gets trapped behind the door after sunset is doomed.  If a person is stung by a “Greiver” they go through a transformation called the “Changing”.  Tom tries to piece together his memories and gain control of his surroundings. Within the community each boy has a significant role to fulfill whether it is cook, gatherer, or weapons and stock maintenance. There is one girl that emerges in our story. Her name is Teresa. She has a mysterious connection with our protagonist. They can read each other’s mind.  There is a mutiny among the young group which is inevitable. The bond between Tom and his friends becomes strong. And for the one’s who survive the chaos, they will unify to create a strategy to beat the maze.

I believe that this will be a great film if the screenplay is written well. I am looking forward to seeing Tom’s character on screen and how they plan to create the “Greivers”. The Maze Runner is a Trilogy. This book is followed by The Scorch Trials and the Prequel is The Death Cure.


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