Divergent by Veronica Roth

This is a young adult dystopian fiction novel. The author Veronica Roth is from Chicago. She wrote the first installment of the trilogy, while taking creative writing classes at Northwestern University. I read this book last year and then read the sequel Insurgent. The third installment is Allegiant, which I have yet to read. Divergent is action packed with thrills and romance. Beatris “Tris” Pryor has to choose a faction of humanity. The factions are Abnigation (selfless), Candor(honesty), Dauntless(brave), Amity (peaceful).

Her family is in Abignation. With the faction that she chooses, Tris must come to grips of the reality that she is different than most others in her faction. On her journey she embraces the new faction, which allows her to uncover the truth about who her parents really are. This is a great book read and I recommend it. Can’t wait until the movie comes out in 2014!


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