Lee Daniel’s The Butler

This film is directed by Lee Daniels and written by Danny Strong. It is based on the inspiring article in the Washington Post A Butler Well Served by This Election by Wil Haygood. The real Butler was named Eugene Allen, he was a white House servant for over 34 years. Over this period of time he rose among the ranks and was well respected by the Presidents and White House staff. This film was very loosely based on the character. Allen only had one son and many of the situations that were in the movie his son was not directly involved in. Although I enjoyed this movie I was disappointed how much of the story was made up. The ensemble cast gave a great performance. I was presently surprised to see people like Lenny Kravitz and John Cusack (who is from Evanston/Chicago area like me). Overall, I believe this was a well-written and well-executed screenplay.


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