LEGEND by Marie Lu

legend_uk_aus IMG_20120816_134716

This young adult dystopian book is about Los Angeles in the future. Los Angeles is called the “Republic” and the rebels are called “Patriots. The main characters are June and Day. June lives in the wealthy sector of Los Angeles and scored a perfect 1500 on her test scores which makes her a prodigy of the Republic. June only really starts taking an interest when her brother Captain Metais is killed while tracking down the notorious ” #1 criminal and public enemy of the Republic” called Day. Day lives in the poor sector where his family is infected with the Plague. Like Robinhood, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He is “legendary”. The real reason he is trying to stay alive is to find a cure for his family. June is determined to find her brother’s killer, whom she thinks is Day. She will stop at nothing to track him down. June finds out the truth and it is not what she expects.

This book is a roller coaster-ride of twists and turns. Romance, action, adventure, betrayal….what more could one ask for from a teen fiction novel! I loved this story! I was fortunate to meet the author during my visit to the Arlington Heights Library before the kids in the surrounding high schools actually knew who she was! Marie Lu was gracious enough  share her experiences about when she witnessed the student protest in Tiananmen Square (China 1989). She was a young girl under the age of 5, but she never forgot this pivotal event in history. The musical Les Miserables was also very influential to the author. I look forward to the movie coming out within the next few years. I just hope that the film is made in a way does the book justice!


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