The Book Of Mormon

Book-of-MormonBook of Mormon Pic 2
The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical. The book, lyrics, and music are by South Park creators Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone.This musical was about newly trained Mormonite missionaries that travel to Uganda to convert “the natives”.  The young Mormons are naïve about the poor conditions that the citizens of Uganda have to face. Ignorance and lack of education, rape, unclean water, violence, dysentary, and AIDS. The elders must convert the villagers within a certain time or they will be sent back to Salt Lake City.

I appreciated the creativity of dance routines and musical numbers. Even the topics that were discussed in the play struck a chord. However, I found this religious parody too vulgar for my taste. Because of my religious and spiritual upbringing, I found it offensive. I knew that there was adult content, but I believe that the writers took religion to a different level. I wanted to see it for myself. This musical has a high shock factor. It just proves that people will stretch the limits about what is acceptable and what is not. Now I believe we are in a time where the theory is “anything goes.” And there is no boundaries and no respect, no rhyme or reason. No explanations needed why God’s name is being blasphemed. You don’t have to be a “religious junkie” or a “holy roller” to believe that something is not right about this presentation. One of the Best Plays/Musicals ever? Doubt it. I went to see this play with my mom. We agreed, it was over-the-top!


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