Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen

Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen has outdone himself again. “Blue Jasmine” was written and directed by Allen. Cate Blanchett plays a widow that is trying to continue her life after she looses her husband over a scandalous affair coupled with embezzlement. The character Jasmine, played by Blanchett seems to corrupt everything that she touches as her world-web of deceit and self pity becomes too much even for her to handle. Andrew Dice Clay  also pulls off a stunning performance as Augie, Jasmine’s her brother in law.

I’m so glad that woody Allen didn’t star in this film. No offense but, that’s why they pay the beautiful people! Besides when he acts in his films, it just reminds me of how strange and bizarre he is. However, the very talented Mr. Allen wrote this film, which encapsulates the essence of great screenwriting. Kudos to you! The movie had its twists and turns.

Each character had depth and substance,  characters were very relatable.  I even felt sorry for the disturbed widow, Jasmine because she had destroyed her own life and managed to ruin everything she touched. I wanted to scream at the end of this movie, because I was so frustrated that they let this woman walk around, when clearly she was mentally ill. There are so many life lessons in this film. One of them is….when you see someone talking to themselves……Beware….run the other way….


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