Rush…(Hot Adrenaline)


This Ron Howard directed film is based on a the true story rivalry of James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, two Formula One racing champions (1976). Each character (Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl ) fed off the other in their attempt to acquire the title of the fastest driver in the world. Howard re-creates this story as an action-packed rip roaring cinematic event that you will not forget. The best racing film thus far. Throughout the movie, there are lessons to be learned and a bond/appreciation that is developed between the two rivals.

I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing film, while holding onto the edge of my seat and being blown away. Chris Hemsworth (one hot Aussie) gives a good performance, while supplying great eye candy for the fans. This movie could also have been called “Adrenaline Rush” because I was stoked any time I heard the revving of the engines (especially when in was raining). Danger, sex, success, and power all rolled into one film. One word…Rush.


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