Gravity 3D

Gravity 3D

This is a 3D SciFi Thriller written, produced, and edited by Alfonso Cuaron. Sandra Bullock stars with George Clooney in this breathtaking, magical story of space and time. One woman’s journey among stars and planets and her obstacles coming home.  Sandra Bullock’s character (Dr. Ryan Stone), Mission Specialist, copes while an International Space station is destroyed and incoming debris presents challenges for her mission. Somehow, Stone finds strength of character after a ghost gives her counsel on how to return back to earth. She uses her resources cleverly although obviously inexperienced.

There are many things that caught my attention during this film. The cinematography, simplistic story (not too much), and character growth. George Clooney’s character (Lt. Matt Kowalski) asks Dr. Stone where is home she replies. “Lake Zurich, Illinois”. I love this.  Cuaron definitely gets points for the Illinois reference! ( I was born and raised in Illinois)    🙂


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