The Counselor


Director Ridley Scott directs this blood-smeared, gritty thriller set in Juarez, Mexico. This wonderful cast of actors and actresses helps to bring horror and realism to the story. I kept wringing my hands at Micheal Fassbender (The Counselor). His inability to act aggressively and decisively costs everyone around him their lives. Be forewarned, this is a story of love, but not in a good way. Romance, greed, violence, and vanity is what pushes the wheel to go. This fast paced thriller is not for the weak of stomach! Brad Pitt’s character is sly, yet unable to resist his temptations.  It is humanity and character flaws that eventually leads to their untimely demise. Cameron Diaz gives a magnificent performance as Javier Bardem’s jealous, sexy, bizarre, hardened, unyielding, and relentless wife.

The puppet who pulls the strings earns their keep by ruining lives of everyone he/she touches and all without guilt. This movie had me screaming! I have to say;it is raunchy, yet I liked how Brad Pitt’s character knew that his day was coming.  What an exit it was! I went to this movie with my mom, we were screaming and so was the other women in our row! If you have a weak stomach for blood and violence….. Beware. This movie is definitely a discussion piece. The kind of films I like  still make you shudder hours after the show has ended. This would be one of those….


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