Thor: The Dark World


A full cast of Chris Hemsworth, Renee Russo, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins,  Tom Hiddleston, Idiris Elba, and many more. This action-packed, Marvel Studios Blockbuster (sequel)  lived up to its hype. Asgard is in danger and it is up to  Thor to find a solution. He must fight the Dark Elves,  stopping them from destroying Asgard and  the rest of the 9 Realms, including earth.

The characters had depth. Thor and Loki’s relationship played a vital role in the development of this story. The Dark World was more than I expected and better than the first installment. Loki was a key ingredient to the storyline. Tom Hiddleston continues to play the heck outta this role. Can’t wait to see what’s next!  I wasn’t surprised at the ending though. Clever to leave the film open-ended.


Last Vegas

Last Vegas

What can I say? Robert Deniro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Klein. This award winning cast joins together for a comedy. A last hurrah for Michael Douglas’s character, who is about to marry a woman half his age. The journey takes us through the long-standing relationship of 4 old friends and the unresolved issues that have kept them divided. The truth bubbles to the surface as the wedding day approaches.

I thoroughly enjoyed the quick pace, clever and timely insert of comedy. I would recommend this film to anyone, but I think that thirty and older would probably get the jokes better than a younger crowd. CBS put out a quality film and hopefully it will pay off in the end.