The Death of Paul Walker

Paul WalkerPaul Walker car

(1973-2013) This is my first blog about the death of an actor, also because I just began blogging recently. I feel like we had been close once. Only if it was in my imagination, between the screen over the years. “Pleasantville” was when I first noticed Paul Walker. My friends and family have come to know him over the years by the way of  the “Fast and Furious” too.  I have shared Fast and Furious with many students also, something that Paul loved dearly  movies and cars…. I think about how he died and it seems so similar to James Dean, but….. in other ways different.

We are young and we feel invincible. “We feel the need…..for speed.” It’s ironic that he spoke the words into existence. There is truth and power in words. That’s why we must take heed in the words that we utter so carelessly into the wind. This is the quote that has been circling around.

“If it’s speed that kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”  True or Untrue? Paul Walker…you will be missed.


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