Hours (2013)


Hours was directed and written by Eric Heisserer, starring Paul Walker and Genesis Rodriguez. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, which also caused a levee to break submerging the city underwater. This is a story of triumph and courage. Walker’s character (Nolan Hayes) looses his wife at childbirth. He talks to his new-born daughter saying “Who are you? I don’t know you.” He has a difficult time coping at first, then his paternal instincts kick into gear when more obstacles come into play. “Time for me to do the heavy lifting now. Put in my hours, ” Hayes admits with resolve. Loss of hospital medical drugs, diminishing food source, electric shock, faulty equipment, thieves, and murderers. Nolan Hayes endures all obstacles just to survive and save his daughter. Walker puts on a believable  performance.

Paul Walker had a special passion for helping people in need. I believe that this film was near and dear to his heart. His non-profit organization,  R.O.W.W. helps people and communities who have been effected by natural disasters like Katrina. It started in 2010. His foundation has helped the Phillipines,  Indonesia, Chile, Haiti, Alabama, Colorado, and Oklahoma City. His giving is a testament to his passion and sensitivity for humanity on screen and off. This was a pretty accurate depiction of the crisis and aftermath Hurricane Katrina. The film gave a window of insight into the lives of the people of New Orleans, what people  will do to survive, how resourceful they can become, and the resilency of the human spirit.


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