Running Scared (2006)


This film starred Paul Walker and was directed and written by Wayne Kramer. Other actors include Vera Farmiga, Chaz Palmentiri, and Alex Neuberger, and  Cameron Bright. A face paced high stakes crime thriller that involves crooked cops, Russian mafia, serial child molesters, and much more. Paul Walker’s character takes a turn for the worst when he is asked to get rid of evidence from a crime. He misplaces the murder weapon and spends the rest of the movie chasing down the item. While doing so, he involves his wife, ten year old son and his son’s best friend.

Running Scared didn’t get the accolades it deserved and by far this is one of the late Paul Walker’s best films to date. This film shows grit, a dark side of police work within the underbelly of society. Walker demonstrates once again that he is dedicated to gut wrenching movies that push the envelope. I was looking forward to watching this actor’s career mature in the next decade, hoping that he would branch out and take a chance including more variety in his portfolio. It’s too bad that he passed away so soon. He will be missed.


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