A Man of Versatility


Raw Talent. Consistency. Technique. Determination. These are only a few words that describe the attributes of an actor that I have had the pleasure of witnessing in action. I’m talking about veteran actor          Harold Dennis.

His passion for acting has driven him to set high standards and expectations for excellence in the film industry. Every role he touches……. he strives to connect with in an extraordinary way . And he does just that.

One afternoon, he was gracious enough to share his warm up techniques with me and how he goes about transforming words and dialogue, making them come to life. He wants you to see what he sees.

For example, in the film “Pieces of a Dream”, Dennis demonstrates through his character, the fragility of a soul of a man wanting to change. He plays a priest that is accused of having sexual contact with 5 boys. Dennis also uncovers the deepest levels of the human psyche, where the character finds his inner most demons emerging.

In the film “Adia”, he establishes control as the abusive husband of a 14 year old girl, where he is several years her senior.  This performance is both chilling and insightful; a snapshot of another culture;  taking  the page out of the life of a young Nigerian girl, who enters into an arranged marriage.      Dennis’s harsh  demeanor is so believable that he strikes a nerve, arousing true gritty emotion from his audience.

In the short film, “A Better End”, he plays a man on the brink of losing his mental stability. The end of desperation, a dark perspective his character expresses in front of a live audience of innocent bystanders. This emotionally charged performance quickly builds, peaking at a high level of intensity. In this remarkable role, Dennis exposes the ugly truth of the existence and mental state of a broken man.

“The Forgotten West” is a historical drama short. Harold conveys a lieutenant begging the question of the importance of the soldiers on a particular mission and why they are fighting in a war that is forgotten, a land where the pioneers have risked everything to be free. Manifest Destiny is calling….the open west.

And finally, “Dark and Quiet: The Execution of Trayvon Martin”, which was inspired by true events. This is the story of a teen that was killed in Florida with the occurrence involving “the stand your ground law.” Harold Dennis shows great progression of emotion and skill by giving a vivid interpretation of a father who has lost a son due to an unforeseen act of violence.

But this is not the end, my friends. Dennis has to his credit over 150 film projects, including features, shorts, commercials, infomercials, music videos, etc. Working in the industry for 17 years with 14 years spent in various types of training and acting classes gives him a great advantage. Harold is always evolving, perfecting his craft, laying down the path to be able to expand his opportunities for growth, while showcasing his depth of characters.

A few points that I can take away from meeting this man of many admirable traits: charm, charisma, humility, motivation, persistence, momentum, peeling-back-layers, and confidence. Dennis proves he is a commanding presence with whomever he collaborates and whatever challenges he takes on…….. he pulls his energy from life, jumping into his characters with full force. His dynamic ability to re-create characters is unparalleled. Dennis knows how to transform pages into life and does it with ease by embracing his natural versatility. I look forward to seeing much more from this distinguished actor….. this man of many faces …..Mr. Harold Dennis.

To see more of his work go to www.imdb.com/name/nm1815557
And follow him on Twitter @99filmsonthewal

Article written by Okema “Seven”Gunn,    photo by LaDonna Raeh Robinson