Descriptors of Life:Words

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by Okema  “Seven” Gunn

I cannot breathe without notebook and pen,
I hold my breath and count to ten,
I live to write, about simple things
The greatest joy that words can bring.

I wish I may, I wish I might
It is my gift. It is my right!

When I was young,
My first craze was to look upon a book and gaze.
I’ve been to cities in Senegal, China, Italy,
Belgium, Canada, Panama, and Belize;
Climbed mountains, swam oceans,
ran beaches to catch the breeze.

I write about film, and love and life,
I write about obstacles, hardships, and strife,
I’ll write about dogs, cats, fish and birds,
I’ll write about anything in other words…

I’m passionate with words I can declare!
A long-standing love….a great affair.
Unstoppable, Unshakeable, Unbreakable bond.
The Essence of the best….Yes! Beau monde.

While I boast of this kinship, fraternity…..this way.
This friendship is not to be taken lightly…
No not today!

I can never see a world without adverbs, adjectives, and nouns…
Descriptors of life…
Sight, smell, touch and sounds.
I fear that my books will suddenly disappear…
My old-school thinking tossed to the rear.

An uncertain future of computers and machines…
My words must connect with real people if ya know what I mean.
A new world emerges ….a strange embrace….Facebook, youtube, and Twitter
In yo’ face!

I’ll hold onto my books and my old way.
Handle with care. Mend pages and binding with fray.
I’ll smile and hug my old friends taking on the new.
I have to change, catchup. It’s all I can do!

Finally…I can vividly..remember when it first began
My love affair with words…
My right Hand man.




The Last Performance of the Mage

A new poem by Okema “Seven” Gunn. Now starting to record my poetry. This one is a bit somber, but not all poems are as such.    🙂

It rained yesterday. It rained inside.
I cried and cried….left time aside.
I wondered where you were,
Your mind, your body, your soul.
I can still smell you and I don’t know if I want to.

My words were pure and from the heart,
I hoped and prayed …mine from the start.
A world came crashing down like before,
Slightly Ajar… now… closed.. the door….

It aches, it groans…for something
That doesn’t belong.
A frightful night, an eerie song.
He can’t be mine….he never said.
I rested and cried myself to bed.

Oh! How could this be!
I fell again.
For I knew not how or even when.
Hush. Hush. I closed my eyes
And felt the words slowly arise.

He made me gush,
He made me free,
He made me live a fantasy.

On to the next.
I think he may, I think he might.
Release the darkness to the light.
Woe is me! That to find…the memories,
Replay again, and rewind.
Love may cost me…
What I’ve known,
There’s sight of frost and winter’s bone.

If you happen to see him,
Tell him I said,
By him no longer will I be led,
To the sun, nor to the sea.
I’ll make the journey just for me.
I’ll do my best…. The way I know how.
I”ll go and give the greatest bow.
My final act upon the stage….
Farewell performance of this mage.