Winner, Winner


I failed today. And it’s okay.

I tried and tried.

I’ve failed many times before.

Lost many battles, bled and been defeated,

I’ll get back up and try some more.

I’ll win the war….settle the score.


Wisdom says Practice makes perfect.

I’ve met Practice and I’ll admit, I scoffed a bit and

laughed at it….. at times in my youth.

Now I’m older that I’ve realized that Wisdom

Was right all along. What a fool I had been.


Courage told me that Faith and Hope

Would pull me through

And they have. Hope told me not to give up

Stay in the race and run it.

Determination and Perseverance met me

While I was resting “Get up! Get Up!

Time is ticking!”


Time smiled at me and shook its hands.

I arose and took to the Road once again.

Now I know what they meant on that Road

I’m travelling. It whispered to me through the

Wind and said,

“Remember good advice. Don’t waste it. Don’t give up.

Follow your dreams. If you do these things traveler,

you shall surely find God’s greatest gift in you.

This will make you a winner……. winner.”


This poem was inspired by John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” and Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”




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