One-Way Street

One way street

This poem is dedicated to Maya Angelou.

A One-Way Street is a direct route

In one direction

Going in the opposite direction,

May be going against the grain,

You may find yourself turned around upside down,

Backwards and not forwards,


Distracted from the destination or the goal; sidetracked.

Not where you want to be.

I found myself on a One-way street in traffic

Turned around or upside down, backwards instead of forwards,

As travelers on the road looked on confused.


It happened because I was not clear about my destination at the time.

Navigation compass out of whack.

I gathered myself together after this grievous mistake,

Pulled myself up by my bootstraps,

Adjusted my clothing,

Picked my face up off the floor and made a U turn.


I was thinking how did I ever get turned around or upside down,

Backwards not forwards, wrong direction.

Further from the finish line.

Now facing in the right direction I was equipped

To stay the course, remembering what was my initial fixation of a sensation,

Overcoming distraction, while using contemplation of the manifestation,

Of the completion of my journey

Down the One -Way Street……



This poem is dedicated to Maya Angelou, whose work has inspired millions. Thank you Miss Angelou for your gift to the world.


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