X MEN: Days of Future Past (2014) Review


X Men: Days of Future Past. This story was created with a collaboration of Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg, and Matthew Vaughn, with Kinberg writing the screenplay. Directing by Bryan Singer. This is an adaptation from the (Alternate Universe) or Marvel Mulitverse comic book series of Stan Lee by the same name. The movie details are slightly altered from the original conception. The story of the X Men has evolved, developing many subplots and character analysis along the way. Now, rules of space and time no longer apply. We are in a world where changing futures and pasts are possible. This leaves history wide open…….ripe and for the taking.

A future dystopia has occurred where mutants are being hunted. Wolverine, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Professor X, Magneto, Iceman, Bishop, Colossus, Sunspot, Warpath and Blink  are all that exist as the last of a dying breed of mutants. Wolverine is assigned to a mission that he may never recover from. He is the only one who is able to heal from the possible bodily damage and trauma that could be incurred by his journey to the past. Kitty Pryde teleports his mind to the past and must remain steadfast as his protector.

While Wolverine’s conscious is teleported back into 1973, the mutants still rage on against the killing machines called Sentinels, in the future. A mad scientist from the 1970’s, Bolivar Trask, has created and programmed adaptable, indestructible mutant-killers to eliminate any traces that the X Men ever existed. Wolverine must convince a young Professor X and a belligerent Magneto to stop the termination of this particular scientist. Beast (Hank McCoy) and Quicksilver (Peter Maximoff) help Wolverine and Professor X (Charles Xavier) break Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr) out of the Pentagon, who is also in solitary for supposedly killing JFK.

The possible assassination of Trask sets into motion an apocalyptic war with mutants fighting for their very lives in a bleak and gloomy future. Wolverine’s past and future are fused together as he recreates history. His mind is joggled eventually as he moves in and out of consciousness remembering moments of traumatic adamantium evolution with Colonel Stryker.

There must be a way to stop the elimination of the X Men! Things don’t go as well as planned and somehow Magneto and Mystique have their own agenda…. their own way about how things should turn out. President Nixon is tired of fighting (The Vietnam War), but is reluctant to get involved in any impending wars, until there is a fight among the mutants that the public witnesses at the Paris Peace Accords of 1973. Because of this upheaval, Nixon is convinced to sign off on the approval of the Sentinel program. Mystique must decide once and for all who she is and what she is fighting for. Her DNA holds the key to what could send both the Days of Future and Past crashing down forever.

Action. Suspense. Plot. Watcher’s Beware! You should have some prior knowledge of X Men history or bring a friend along to explain a few details. Overall, I thought the film was very entertaining, cinematic, and I cared about the characters enough to get involved. P.S. Don’t forget the ending after the credits. The next X Men (Apocalypse) comes out in May 2016! Until then….. I‘ll be waiting…. Yes!

Actors and Actresses: Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Page, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Kelsey Grammar, Anna Paquin