Shon McGregory


Shon McGrogory


I spoke with up-and-coming actor Shon McGregory late one evening. He’s a hard man to catch up with. He’s got his hands in everything, juggling projects effortlessly and executing with precision. Balancing acts are nothing new to this rising star. This gentle lion’s hard-working, young and courageous; a natural born leader. Unstoppable! One to watch. Shon says his main inspiration is his 5 year old daughter, which is his biggest fan and cheerleader.

McGregory had been acting, then stopped for few months. Working as an investment broker and financial advisor, he saw an advertisement for an appearance on a show called “Chicago Fire” in 2012. A spark re-ignited within him. He contacted the casting agent for the new prime-time show; then got the job. This project created greater opportunities. Shon didn’t know why he ever stopped living his dream; but wanted to go back and try again. This time he’d never look back. Shon allots his time by serving as a manager, talent scouting, sound engineering, camera operations, modeling, and theater/TV/film acting, which has always be a strong passion. “Knowing all aspects of the business, while fine-tuning your craft is key.” He’s made an overwhelmingly, powerful presence in front of the camera, on stage, and behind the scenes.

The Craft:
Shon’s goals include helping people with their own dreams. His mantra demonstrates supporting and encouraging those that need assistance in their careers. He pushes for voices to be heard in a loud, crowded jungle of artists and entertainers. Under his tutelage, clients are maturing and building a good name for themselves in the industry too; something that Shon can be proud of. He’s constantly improving, trekking forward into the world of entertainment with boldness and determination. Within 2-3 years, this budding star wishes to attain most of his goals; by thriving at the top of his industry, fully developing his company brand, and maintaining his acquired success.
Shon’s advice on life: “Never take “No” for an answer. Be determined to make it no matter what,” replied Mr. McGregory with passion. Amazingly, Shon never took acting classes. He’s a natural. Pointers that he shares with new actors: “ focus on cohesiveness and flow of body movements, while showing emotion with dialogue. That makes sense,” he comments.
Shon has appeared in Love Jones, Family Thing, and To Sir with Love 2 (with Sidney Portier). More prevalent roles include, but not limited to: Bachelor’s Grove, Crisis, Family Values, Mind Games, Midnight in the Heart of Mancreet, and Bravo 1. In total, he’s done 17 films, and 8 commercials with 5 more films on the way.
Favorite actors/actresses: Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett and others. Most of all, he loves Tyler Perry and Sylvester Stallone for their rags to riches story; both living poor and penniless. They had vision, and foresight; dreaming about making it in Hollywood and never giving up.
Favorite genres are: Action, Suspense, and Horror. He loves to play the antagonist because people always say that he’s “Mr. Nice Guy.” “It’s refreshing to be the bad guy sometimes”, says McGregory. Horror is his favorite, with examples like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. He likes roles that are unusual that bring an edgy, creative side to the table. Shon confessed he might act in a Drama/Romance if a great script/character caught his attention.

The Motto:

On the way to our interview, I made a prediction. And it came true. I asked this Lion Heart if he had a code of ethics. (It’s all about 3 little words.) Shon replied, “Honor, Loyalty, Respect.” These words go a long way in this business. Shon is making substantial waves in the industry, demanding nothing but the best. He’s a hard-working, young go-getter, who is steadily climbing his way upwards, pushing boundaries and not afraid to ruffle any feathers.

It only took Shon 13 months to gain SAG accreditation. For many people it takes 2-4 years. He’s growing by leaps and bounds. Already, this young man has been triumphant at a challenging task; soaring high above the rest.

I was most impressed with his combination of tenacity, compassion, and kindness. He sees the potential in people and guides them with purpose. He is a natural-born leader. As he goes, he carries people with him on the way, like a Good Samaritan with a heart of gold; always remembering to lend a helping hand to a struggling actor or just a friend that needs advice.

When I witnessed him on set, people were looking to him for guidance and leadership even though he was not assigned that role. People gravitate towards him without saying a word. Shon tells people “You don’t’ have to be like me. Be your own person. Man or Woman. Be you! Be confident and people will see you and take notice!”

He’s soft-spoken, but don’t let that fool you! His competitive and ferocious nature comes to life while he’s in action. Wherever Shon goes, he rises to the top without question. He stands out in the forefront. His magnetic personality and impeccable work ethic makes him lucrative and invaluable, whether on set, on stage, or just preparing and planning for events. He is quiet and yet resilient at his craft. In the entertainment industry, Shon is like a soldier quickly ascending among the ranks; gathering his stars and stripes on the way up. He forges ahead, leading other actors, actresses, and models on his conquest. He’s creating his own blueprint of success to go by.

That same evening after our interview, I looked up; and like a shooting star on fire, blazing across a night sky, Shon’s dreams are being realized; because, he is determined to make them come true. He has a bright future in the entertainment industry and……… nothing is going to stand in his way.


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