Night Thrasher Goes to Comic Con (2014)

Night Thrasher: Rave Goes to Wizard World: Comic Con (2014)
By Okema“Seven”Gunn


Who is Night Thrasher? He first appeared as a black Marvel comic book character in Thor Episode #411 in December of 1989 (created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz). Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor) has no superhuman powers, but he’s got a plethora of sophisticated tech gadgets and military devices. Also, his training in martial arts is second to none. His parents were killed during his formative years, at the hand of an unknown villain. Dwayne witnessed the murders as a child and his recollection of the event was quite foggy. Subsequently, he created the Taylor Foundation and vowed to take on the streets of New York City; punishing all those engaging in criminal activity. During this process, he became Night Thrasher. While acting as a solo vigilante, Night Thrasher ascertained that there were others out there just like him. He united with a brother and sister team, who called themselves Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire. Their mission was to eliminate gang activity and clean up the streets, too. Night Thrasher required additional assistance, so he recruited more young soldiers, establishing his own team called “The New Warriors.” With the aid of Night Thrasher and the New Warriors, Thor was able to subjugate Juggernaut in battle. This is one of the many stories that may be unknown to many Marvel fans. Night Thrasher’s not a new character, he just hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves as a champion of the people.

Lawrence Lee Wallace, the director of NightThrasher: Rave, fan film, elaborated in detail about his interest in making his short-film a reality. Lawrence spearheaded the project, taking on all costs accrued from pre to post production. He saved up his money for a year, appropriating from his paycheck every month to cover the costs of compensation to crew, cast, and distribution fees. Wallace is a big fan of sci-fi and comic books. He knew one day that studios would start making superhero movies; he just thought there would be more black characters featured in main roles; and not just as background or sidekicks. Somehow, he thought…… there must be other black superheroes out there, other than the ever popular “Blade” and “Nick Fury” characters. Night Thrasher qualifies as a bona fide superhero! “He’s strong, dynamic, mentally tough, and possesses great integrity….all the ingredients of real superhero,” declares Wallace emphatically. “Night Thrasher had a limited run…appearing as a guest character of Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, and the X-Men. Why hasn’t Hollywood taken notice?,” asks Wallace.

“We’re hoping the audience sees the story as we see it. Making Night Thrasher was just as challenging as any other film. We generated a great response to casting, but some obstacles were: finding talent to make the shots and coming to the South Side of Chicago (to film).” Wallace wanted to film in the community to make it authentic. “People were concerned to come to the South Side because of what they heard. Others even dropped out at the last minute. Never-the-less the project forged ahead, developing a diverse cast of actors and actresses. Eric Lane plays the ‘Night Thrasher” and team chosen did a fantastic job coming together.”


Okay. I love Marvel comics, but I’m not a connoisseur like many. But, I do have my big brother to thank for my interest in superheroes. I believe Night Thrasher can be a great money maker, if you just put a little faith in him. So here’s the real issue. What’s really going on? Why hasn’t Hollywood done a Night Thrasher movie? He’s got his own team of soldiers and he’s fighting against evil. How cool is that? Did I miss something? C’mon Hollywood and Marvel….Wake up! Hey producers and influencers…if you’re out there, let’s make it happen! Create a buzzzzz. You can do it! I want to see Night Thrasher’s story come to life. Like Lawrence Lee Wallace says….”Feature film? or….Web Series?”
(I just heard that Black Panther and Captain Marvel could be coming to the silver screen……)

Night Thrasher is the Official selection at Wizard World: Chicago Comic Con playing from Aug 21st –Aug 24th. Special event takes place 4-5 pm on Aug 22nd film/Q&A with Lawrence Lee Wallace and Eric Lane. Places like this is where the magic happens. People take notice and deals are made. So I’m putting it out there. The legendary Stan Lee will be attending the Chicago Comic Con. On behalf of all the fans of Night Thrasher….. I therefore declare, Okema “Seven” Gunn, challenges, Stan Lee and Marvel Comics to put Night Thrasher to the big screen. HOW WILL THOU RESPOND? CHALLENGE! Grrrr!

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Chicago Comic Con, Illinois Donald E. Stephens (Rosemont) Convention Center, Wizard World…

 — with Seven Okema Gunn andLawrence Lee Wallace.


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