Review: The Wedding Ringer (2015)


Wedding Ringer

Review: The Wedding Ringer (2015)

A friendless tax attorney, Doug Harris (Josh Gad) hires Kevin Hart (Jimmy Callahan) to assemble a believable “best man package” within 10 days. This package called a “Golden Tux” contains a full-fledged performance of the best man and seven groomsmen, leading all the way up to the wedding day.  Doug has invented his best man “Bic Mitchum” by looking through his medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Jimmy is hesitant to take this challenge because he has never done anything like it, especially in a brief amount of time. Jimmy calls on a few of his crazy cohorts to help him pull off the performance of a lifetime. Meanwhile, he questions why he ever started his company “The Best Man, Inc.” Even though some bonding takes place, Jimmy reminds Doug that the best man package is just a business deal of $50,000. When the deal is over, all ties are severed.

This film is a moderately funny movie with screenwriting efforts to be applauded.  Not a gut buster, but will leave you with some good laughs. “The Wedding Ringer” creates some great questions about marriage and friendship. I have deduced that the messages conveyed were “Be yourself and not settle” and “good friends are hard to find.” Nowadays, people are getting married for all types of reasons, and the divorce rate has sky-rocketed. This movie presents valuable queries about why people want to get married and possible consequences of a poor match. Also, making friends is easy, but maintaining them is even harder. The true bond of a friend is tested when the “rubber hits the road” or when they are “down and out”, what a person is willing to sacrifice about the truth.

Overall, I was intrigued by the idea of Kevin Hart’s character finding creative ways to produce the optimal a best man scenario by intertwining a web of lies. I can’t say that “The Wedding Ringer” is predictable and had resolve with the ending. I recommend seeing this film if you want a few laughs.



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