Jurassic World: Evolution


Our adventure story begins as Claire Dearing, a meticulous Operations Manager, (Bryce Dallas Howard from the Help) is tirelessly working to gain sponsors (like Samsung or Verizon) for the next big Super Dinosaur (Indominous Rex) instead of spending time with her nephews. This will eventually cause a huge problem.  On the other hand Owen Grady, (Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy) has been hired to bond and train Velociraptors. He will be dubbed in this film the “Bad Ass Boyfriend…”Riding with the Raptors”.

Humans are at it again. Trying to make an amusement park into Dinosaur City. Innocent civilians.. men, women, and children are unaware that they are in grave danger.  Claire summons Grady to try to figure out a way to contain the problem on the island of Isla Nublar. Everything goes awry because of one slight miscalculation. You WILL see humungous, razor, sharp teeth, blood and guts, flying babysitter, strange water animals, sophisticated technology and above all else you will learn the importance of Alpha males in the story….This action-packed film is a crowd pleaser for all ages 5 and beyond. 3D makes the Dinosaurs come alive even more. This movie is funny, sad, and packed with gore. Throw in a love affair..between a sexy hero and a damsel in distress… and now you got yourself a humdinger; an ultimate treat! You’ll see.

An amusement park with Dinosaurs. What a thing to behold! Humans think that dinosaurs can be used however they wish. Prehistoric creatures are animals, too; a lesson that is very basic to nature. Allowing dinosaurs to evolve once again causes a major issue and may be unethical according to some practices. Would you go see a Dinosaur at the zoo? Of course you would. But what if it got out? Hmm….

Dinosaurs have always been a thing of curiosity. They are prehistoric animals of mystery. It’s not up to man to play God, history has proven that  arrogance with science can be costly. Somehow creation and evolution co-exist simultaneously in the strange and fascinating world of Paleontology. Jurassic World provides some unique perspectives on training Dinosaurs like Raptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Although the last film and the first are slightly different. The theme is still all encompassing. Playing God is a dangerous idea…especially when it comes to animals. Amusement is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt or killed. Experimentation can be rewarding, but what’s the cost? You will see…

The technology created in this film is remarkable! The scientist lab contains all kinds of exotic creatures used to make the Indominous Rex, like camouflage, etc. Technical elements like thermal imaging, Holograms, and the Gyrosphere certainly enhance the potential and capability of the evolving Jurassic World.

After this film, a flood of memories came back; I recalled a time in my childhood. My brother played with Dinosaur figures and…. later…my high school teacher, Mr. Abbott played the audiobook “Jurassic Park” while students worked on our art projects. This was my first real novel on tape. Who knew it would turn into one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time! After only 2 weeks in the box office, Jurassic World has garnered $1 billion in ticket sales.

Jurassic World is the fourth installment of the original novel by Michael Creighton called “Jurassic Park”. Michael Creighton was born in the great Windy City and this talented scholar was well versed in the particulars of many fields of science. Colin Trevarrow directed this science fiction, action-adventure film. Screenwriters include Derek Connolly, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Colin Trevorrow.

Actors include but are not limited to:  Chris PrattBryce Dallas HowardVincent D’Onofrio,Ty SimpkinsNick RobinsonOmar SyB.D. Wong, and Irrfan Khan.


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